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A website doesn't generate traffic all by itself. You need to be found. And you can either pay for traffic using Pay Per Click campaigns or you can generate organic traffic by being well ranked in the major search engines. But to get a high ranking in the search engines requires that you create some sort of a promotions campaign.

It is estimated that 50-70% of the criteria used by Google to determine what web sites rise to the top of the listings is popularity through backlinks and social media. And that makes sense. If hundreds or even thousands of websites think you rate a mention, you must be doing something right.

Google relies on the voting public to determine what sites are popular and rewards them by pushing their site to the top of the search results.



In April 2012, Google released their most recent algorithm change, dubbed "Penguin". It was Google's most aggressive effort to date to go after what they consider "over optimization" and "webspam". A fancy term for either attempting to manipulate your website content or creating "suspicious" backlinks. Google will even penalize sites that are too aggressive

Whereas in the past we would have been content to point all of the backlinks at your website, because of the recent change we now recommend that some portion of those backlinks be directed to "authority sites"

These are websites that are well respected by the search engines and usually have high page rank. These are sites like Tumblr, Ezine Articles, Squidoo Lenses, YouTube, etc. Backlinks pointed at these sites will help the authority pass on to your site. It's a more conservative approach.

And we also know that the major search engines are now taking "social buzz" into consideration. So we now add in a some social media links from Facebook, Twitter, etc





You decide how aggressive you want to be. You can choose what portion of the backlinks we create will be posted to your own website: a low % is conservative, a high % is more aggressive. And the remainder of the backlinks will point to "authority sites"





Now, there is no doubt that Google would have preferred that all this backlinking and promotion be created spontaneously and gratuitously. But that is not the case.

You can sit by and wait for people to visit your site or you can take a pro-active approach either on your own or through a link building service. The reality is that it has become a marketing requirement that you develop an online campaign or else you will be left behind.




There are a number of ways to create backlinks.  The unfortunate part is that most are very tedious and time consuming.

We can make your task a lot easier. We have a number of programs that are designed to get you back links without the time consuming hassle.

However you approach it, a backlinks program should be sustained and varied. It is better to generate 1,000 backlinks over 3 months than 3 days. Why? Because a massive influx of links back to your site doesn't look natural for an average website.

This is not a sprint - this is a marathon. Backlinks are a critical component in getting your site to the top of the search engines - and also keeping it there. Pick a campaign you can afford and stick with it. Just like the cost of hosting your site, backlinks are a part of the price of doing business on the net.

In the end, you'll find that success comes from a varied, consistent link building campaign.




You'll find that our prices are incredibly competitive - in fact, downright inexpensive. We are able to do that because of the volume of business that we do. A significant part of our business comes from web developers and designers who outsource their clients' backlinking to us. So we are - in a sense - wholesalers.  And that simply means you get great back links and a great price as well. Hard to beat!




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